Chi Energy - Book + DVD

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Chi Energy: Cultivation Activation & Flow comes in both Book and DVD form.


This program explains real high level practices of Chi/Qi/Ki (Life-Force) activation, cultivation, and flow that allow you to personally experience, build, and work with chi energy. Practices are explained in simple detail so that the average person can fully utilize and understand the knowledge imparted. There is a chapter on the role the mind plays in Chi Kung energy work, and a basic definition of the word Chi and related terms.

There are also specific chapters on:

  • Mind Intent
  • Breathing
  • Body States
  • Physical Alignments
  • Wu Chi
  • Bone Marrow Washing
  • Kidney Breathing
  • The Energy Ball
  • Rooting
  • Body Connection Secrets
  • The Dan Tiens
  • Important Energy Points
  • The 3 Dan Tiens Linear
  • and how to get the maximum benefits out of your Tai Chi Training.

We are pleased to offer a text for Westerners to get a real understanding of Chi Energy that will give beginners and more experienced practitioners enough working knowledge to truly advance their studies in this fascinating discipline.


Runtime: 108m