Clear's Internal Push Hands Instructor Package 9 Disc Set

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Are You Getting Enough From Push Hands?

Clear's Internal Push Hands Instructor Set

Many variations of Push Hands today allow for a lot of external movement, and external movement is the enemy of internal skill. Just like a body builder isolating muscles to work out, or a scientist isolating variables, the development of internal skill comes from isolating the internal and focusing in.

Not all Push Hands games are created equal.

There is one Push Hands method that builds internal power better than any other: Clear’s Internal Push Hands

Clear’s Internal Push Hands draws from the Internal Push Hand Game developed by Master Ma Yeuh-Liang, one of China’s 100 Living Treasures of the martial arts. Sigung Richard Clear has spent more than 20 years streamlining and refining the “No Style” Push Hands game, making it accessible with proven training methods and step-by-step instruction.

Our students will tell you, this Push Hands method is an amazing way to build internal power, and we’ve got two national champions to prove it.

Stop holding back your internal power.


Runtime: 1098m