Combat Tai Chi Vol. 17: Combat Breathing

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Combat Tai Chi Vol. 17: Combat Breathing

This DVD is an in-depth study of the martial uses of breath in Tai Chi Chuan.

You will learn

  • Fajing with breath
  • The fighting use of Tai Chi’s “secret sounds” Hen & Ha
  • Advanced Dim Mak (breath powered)
  • How to use breath to neutralize the opponents strikes
  • Whole body breathing & diaphragmatic breathing
  • Connecting breath to movement
  • Using breath to injure the opponent when they strike you
  • Controlling direction of breath inside of your body
  • How to train the dantien for better breath and aim
  • And you will learn to direct breath to and through any part of the body for more power whenever and wherever you need it.

Runtime: 142m

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