Root of Internal Power

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The Root of Internal Power picks up where The Essential Keys of Internal Power left off.

Sigung Clear has expertly designed this series of drills and exercises so that you & a training partner can learn and develop high level internal skill from home. In this set, we will be focusing on building Root and using Root for power.

On the first disc, you will build greater root with the lessons from The Essential Keys to Internal Power:

  • The Three Powers (Heaven, Earth & Man)
  • Zhong Ding
  • Sung (Melting & Sinking the Chi)
  • And cover Double-Weighted Errors and how to find them

On the second disc, you will 

  • Develop Positional Fa Jing (send them flying when they try to shove you)
  • Continue to Build Deeper Root
  • Learn Sensitivity Training methods
    • Learn to feel inside yourself and others
    • Direct force to any place you choose inside an opponents body
    • Learn to feel and manipulate an opponents root
  • Make these practices soft and internal
  • Internal strength building