The Wave of Internal Power

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The Wave of Internal Power will take your skills to the next level.
In this program, you'll discover how to use wave motion to transfer internal power quickly!
Wave allows you to generate full body power, and it allows you to transfer 100% of that force into your target.
Whether you use it for striking, pushing, or neutralizing, Internal Wave is an essential Tai Chi skill!
Wave Power Secrets REVEALED! Learn the secrets of wave power for:
  • Poison Hand
  • Fa Jin
  • Neutralizing
  • Expert positioning skills, and more
Internal Wave Training Progression: Sigung Clear shows you how to make your Wave strong, even when it's almost invisible to anyone watching.
SHOCKING Whole Body Power: Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, and pretty much everything physical is easier to do if you don't strain to do it. Discover how to use Internal Wave to easily deliver SHOCKING whole body power!
Runtime: 251m