The Yin and Yang of Tai Chi Package

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The Yin and Yang of Tai Chi

I’m sure we’ve all heard that Chinese Martial Arts strive to find true balance in all things- and feel this is vague, easy to misinterpret.

Through study of Tai Chi Chuan and Internal Power concepts, the picture becomes much clearer:

Tai Chi seeks to gain control of Yin and Yang, and gain mastery over balance and imbalance.

Absorbing & Projecting with Hua & Fa Jin ($197)

Neutralize incoming force, and send out effortless, explosive power at will. 

Expanding & Contracting for Power ($197)

Integrate whole body power into every motion.

Learn the power to be had from Expanding, from Contracting, and from switching between the two.

The Light & Heavy of Tai Chi ($197)

Light and Heavy. Mobility and Power.

Build each, and learn to mix them. Put Power into your Motion, and get Responsiveness into your Stability.


Extremes can be useful on their own, but the best results come from training both ends of the spectrum. Learn how to apply the principles of Yin and Yang for health and self-defense.

Get all 3 together and save over 15%!

Total Runtime: 324m