One Hit Knockout Power

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Touch Knockouts

Strike with effortless power, and make your strikes penetrate deep into the opponent's internal organs.


Training Includes:

  • Critical hitting secrets (90% of fighters are doing this wrong!)
  • Key principles of Force Delivery that jack up your striking power
  • Suddenness training to make your movements explosively fast
  • How to defend yourself against bigger, stronger attackers
  • How to align your body for maximum power
  • The nasty trick to make your opponent feel like he got hit with a crowbar
  • When and how to cut through a target, when it is smarter not to, and what to do instead
  • Special training on how to defend against a knife attack

Touch Knockout Package

  1. Introduction to Touch Knockouts
  2. One Hit KO’s – Part A
  3. One Hit KO’s – Part B
  4. Touch KO’s
  5. Training Steps (Power Breaking Progression)

Total Runtime: 516m