K.O. Power

What You Will Learn:

  • Punching Power - Learn the proper alignment for hitting with whole body power every time. With this simple trick your punches will feel effortless to you, but rock solid to your opponents! Works no matter your size or strength.
  • Knockout Quality - Put the right Quality into ALL of your hits instead of trying to land them on specific targets. This isn't some fly-by-night pressure point system. This is about building real Power and putting it behind every shot!
  • Use What You Have - You can practice these techniques in the comfort of your own home. No need to buy a gym membership or expensive equipment. We show you how to train safely with items you already have.
  • Go Beyond Punches - Learn to use every tool in your arsenal to generate Knockout Power. Training includes the "Personal Crowbar" forearm hits, "Sledgehammer" fists, and devastating open hand techniques.
  • One and Done - If you are the victim of a street attack, you need to make every hit count. Multiple Attackers, armed assailants, and surprise attacks are the norm. Be ready to Knock Out any attacker in one shot.
  • For Your Eyes Only - Most of the concepts are so easy to learn, you can pick them up just by watching the DVD. Even still, the training is so powerful that you will want to practice every chance you get, just for fun (and maybe to show off a little!)


Sigung Richard E. Clear, Jr.

Sigung (Grandmaster) Richard Clear has been teaching practical and effective self defense for over 30 years. He has personally trained Special Forces soldiers, CIA personnel, CEOs and Corporate Professionals, and Celebrities.

Sigung Clear long ago recognized the need for average people to have access to reality based, practical, and affordable self defense training. He is the creator of unique training methods including 1 Hit Knockouts and Clear Defense.