Clear's Silat Phase 1 Vol 14

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You will learn the strategies and training methods for surviving against multiple attackers in real life attacks.

This training is essential for the study of self defense and any art intended for use against more than one opponent including:

  • Pentjak Silat
  • Kun Tao
  • Bagua & the internal arts
  • and more…

This dvd contains a bunch of drills that will teach you how to manage a group of attackers and prevent them from surrounding and overwhelming you.

It also includes how to:

  • Get through someone who is blocking a doorway
  • Take someone much bigger than you and put them in between you and everyone else.
  • Destabilize an opponent so you can control their position.
  • Use your opponent as a weapon so the attackers will be more worried about getting hit by each other than getting you
  • and much more.
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