Combat Tai Chi Vol. 01

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Combat Tai Chi Vol. 01: Standing Dynamics & Dynamics of Movement

Vol 1 is divided into two parts. Part 1 Standing Dynamics & Part 2 Dynamics of Movement.

In Part 1 Standing Dynamics you will learn,

  • Quick & effective street applications,
  • Steel wrapped in cotton
  • How to combine this quality with the street apps for devastating results.

In Part 2 Dynamics of Movement you will learn

  • “They Attack First. I Strike First,” principle and how to apply this in the street
  • Leading into emptiness
  • Multiple attacker drills
  • Lu (Rollback)
  • More quick & effective street applications
  • More ways to combine steel wrapped in cotton with the street apps for devastating results
  • and multiple Fa Jing applications for the move!

Runtime: 254m

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