Knife Fighting & Defense

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“There is not Silat without a Knife.”
– Old Silat Saying

  • This means you should train with a Knife.
  • It means when you’re empty handed you should train as if you had a Knife.
  • It means just because you don’t see a Knife doesn’t mean your attackers aren’t armed.

Basically Self Defense training means training with and against weapons.

Below are some important tips and strategies to get you started.

…Of course there’s a lot more on the DVD.

The primary method taught in the DVD is simple (so you can learn it quickly and actually be able to use it,) powerful and effective.

Once you’ve mastered the basic method, the next step is to take the principles and strategies you learned and apply them to your empty hand training.

…by working empty handed against a knife AND by putting a blade in your hand and turning all your empty handed work into blade work. To do this last part you’ll need to train an art that is designed to be the same empty-handed and with a blade. 


Runtime: 105m

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