Clear Chi Kung Certification Course

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Clear Chi Kung Certification Course

Qigong Certification Package
This package contains all the study materials you need along with the review DVD.

  • Chi Energy Book – $25
  • Chi Energy DVD – $65
  • Qigong Certification #1 Test Fee – $150
  • Qigong Certification #1 Review DVD

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Clear Qigong Certification #1: Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow

To earn this certification the student must demonstrate their skill at activating Qi, circulating Qi and cultivating Qi.

The student must be proficient in the fundamentals of Qigong including:

  • Bone Marrow Washing, Foot Breathing, Basic Kidney Breathing
  • Storing & Packing Qi
  • Releasing Tension, Basic Rooting, Basic Body Connection
  • Activating Yin & Yang in the body, Removing Blockages
  • Building, Aligning, Balancing & Storing their energy

Study Materials: You will need to study both the Chi Energy Book & DVD.

Book – Chi Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow (INCLUDED)
DVD – Chi Energy Activation Cultivation & Flow (INCLUDED)

Test Procedure:
Once you pay the testing fee below you will be emailed a link where you can download the test procedure and a list of requirements for the written and video portions of the test.

Your testing fees are included with the cost of this package. Make sure you study thoroughly and are prepared. The cost of retaking the test is $150 so make sure you pass the first time.