Sticky Hands: Energy & Flow

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Improve Your Sticky Hands

Sigung Clear teaches his method of Wing Chun’s Sticky Hands he learned early in his Martial Arts career, and has since improved with Internal Power qualities from Tai Chi and Push hands practice. Sigung Clear praises Sticky Hands as being one of the fastest paths to getting over what many of the more sophisticated arts would call “clumsy hands”. Once you have the coordination, you will learn how to apply Internal Power qualities to step up your game.

Through learning Sticky Hands with fixed drills and structural training, this video is designed to put you on the fast path to free style sticky hands. This method will skyrocket your aptitude in Silat, and give you the integrity and coordination to do many of the techniques that make Silat legendary for its viciousness and efficacy.

Training Includes:

  • Drills to improve your reaction time
  • Drills to better understand angles of attack & defense
  • Several fixed drills to build different internal qualities
  • How to move on to freestyle stickyhands with internal qualities
  • How to make Sticky Hands a regular part of your Push Hands training without losing Internal Power
  • Easy to follow training that can take anyone from beginner to advanced play in just a few sessions


And Much More

You will learn the joining, adhering, following, and leading qualities necessary to use Sticky Hands in real application. Afterwards, you will learn to maintain Peng to prevent from compromising your position. You will learn to use Rooting, Joining, Sticking, Rollback, and Peng for defense and offense.

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