The Art of Sparring

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Pressure testing is an essential part of reality based self defense arts like Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Bagua & Xing Yi.

Unfortunately, popular sparring methods like, Full Contact MMA, Kickboxing & Karate point sparring are horribly ineffective when preparing for the realities of self defense.

…and they outright ban many of the strategies and techniques of reality based arts like Silat, Tai Chi & others.

In this video Sigung Richard Clear takes an in depth look at the drills, games & sparring methods that are essential when training these arts for self defense.

  • You will learn how to spar safely
  • You will learn how to train the full range of techniques including eye, throat and groin strikes against a resisting opponents.
  • You will learn basic ‘Monkey Play’ for developing your ground and grappling skills
  • …and you will learn how to use your Kuntao & Silat skills in the popular sport sparring format.