The Structure of Internal Power

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In depth training to get your Body right!


Tai Chi isn't magic. It just looks like it.

Part of the reason it looks so magical is that most people don't really understand how force travels through a Body.

Tai Chi STARTS with a highly sophisticated understanding of Anatomy and body mechanics.

With proper training you will find the natural shapes that allow for effortless power, and you will discover how to move so that you are ALWAYS in the strongest shapes.

The Structure of Internal Power contains complete instructions for training and all the hands-on drills you could ever need.

If you follow the instructions in this program, your Tai Chi and your Push Hands will take on a noticeably different quality –

You will notice the difference in your Tai Chi, and your opponents will notice the difference in your Push Hands!

It is also just about the healthiest training you can do for yourself (physically), because it directly changes your Body and the way you carry yourself 24/7.

The benefits and the Power are tangible and lasting, but the training takes a few months to get you there.

So get started today!


Runtime: 115m